God Bless America!

Cesar Cisneros for President of the United States 2020. I’m running for President of United States of America because I love this nation with every fiber of my heart. I love you, the American people, I want to serve you. I want to protect you, keep you safe. I want you to pay fewer taxes, so you can keep more of your money so you can provide for your families and be a happier people. By accomplishing this, we must put God back in America.

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National Security
Secure the borders by putting more border patrol agents and build a southern wall along the Mexico border and a northern wall along the Canadian border.
Lower Income Taxes
The middle class and the people in general will pay less taxes.
Create Jobs
I will lower the corporate tax and give incentives to encourage corporations to bring back their products made in China and other countries and build them back to America.
Lower Fuel Prices
We will drill for oil in all 50 states and the Gulf of Mexico.
Of the People. By the People. For the People.
Cesar Cisneros for President of the The United States of America 2020...I'm running for President because I love this Nation with every fiber of my heart and I love you, my fellow Americans. I'm going to serve you, protect you and keep you safe here in America. The United States is a sacred and Holy Land, a Special and Chosen land above all other lands, by All Mighty God; Home of the Brave, Land of the Free. This land is meant to be a free land forever. A land where you can produce your own food. A land where you can live in peace with your neighbors and carry your own firearms to defend yourself and protect your family and the homeland. The Constitution of the The United States of America and The Declaration of Independence and The Holy Bible is the solid Foundation of The United States of America. Without these three Holy Oracles of God, this Nation cannot stand. But it will stand because we have all three Holy Documents - Writings of the All Mighty God. To me all three are Holy Writ and they are Sacred. I will destroy Isis. We will keep our guns and ammunition to protect our families and defend the Homeland. Three of my brothers & my daughter served 8 years in the US Army. I love our soldiers. I will help the middle class. I will also help the Homeless, the Veterns, the poor, the sick and the afflicted, the troubled, the needy, so they can get on their feet. Please donated to my campaign. Thanks. Share this message, please. May God bless you and may God bless the United States of America. Let Freedom Ring.

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