God Bless America!

I’m running for President of United States of America because I love this nation with every fiber of my heart. I love you, the American people, I want to serve you. I want to protect you, keep you safe. I want you to pay fewer taxes, so you can keep more of your money so you can provide for your families and be a lot happier. By accomplishing this, we must put God back in America. PLEASE SEND YOUR CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS TO: PO Box 52920 Mesa, AZ 85208 www.gofundme.com/cesarforpresident

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National Security
Secure the borders by putting more border patrol agents and U.S. military enforcements.
Create Jobs
I will lower the corporate tax and give incentives to encourage corporations to bring back their products made in China and build them here in America.
Lower Fuel Prices
We will drill for oil in all 50 states and the Gulf of Mexico.
Small Government
We will eliminate a lot of waste in government jobs.

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